Cracking the Code: Breaking into the World of International Organizations

Is it your dream to work for an international organization like the United Nations or the OECD?

If yes, this career webinar is for you!

Montana Dosso is a strategic workplace advisor and career coach in international organisations. 

With 3 graduate degrees in international law and international civil service law, 5+ years of experience counseling staff on workplace conflict and employment in an international organization, 4000+ consultations with international staff, and a Rotarian (District: 1720 Centre-Poitou), Montana Dosso is passionate about helping others BREAK INTO THE UNBREAKABLE: THE JOB MARKET OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. She provides consulting services to personnel employed in international organizations in need of advice on workplace issues as well as those eager to get their dream job in an international organization. 

In this FREE webinar open to ROTARY PEACE FELLOWS she is going to tell us how to CRACK THE CODE and break into the world of international organizations.

Whether you are just starting your career, or looking for how to transition into an international organization, her conference will give you an INSIDER LOOK into the world of HIRING in international organizations.

This session will be UNRECORDED to facilitate honest advice and confidentiality.

You won’t want to miss it!


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